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60 year old clarinet

I am presently restoring an Evette & Schaeffer clarinet that is approximately 60 years old and hasn't been touched for almost that long. On the left of the photo is the completed top joint, and on the right is the bottom joint which is untouched as of yet. The wood is in great shape and cleans up beautifully. All keys have been buffed and all pads and corks have been replaced. I can't wait to hear it play after all these years. It will eventually be available to purchase on my web site. when completed.


Evette & Schaeffer was the student line of clarinets manufactured by Buffet many years ago. Some of the instruments were made directly by Buffet and some were made for

Buffet by other manufacturers in Europe such as Malerne. This particular instrument

was manufactured in 1951 and can almost be considered “new/old stock”.

It was played for a very short time before the student changed to another instrument,(Oboe), and it sat in a case unopened for 60+ years.

The instrument has been totally restored, including a complete re-pad and all new cork.

The bore has been oiled and the dark brown grain wood meticulously cleaned and polished. There are a few minor marks on the side of the trill keys which could not be polished, however the instrument appears almost brand new.

The instrument is now offered at $475.00 and would be considered a “step up” grade clarinet for a young player or excellent instrument for a doubler.

Evette & Schaeffer Bb Clarinet $475.00

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