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Clarinet Lamp #2

Clarinet Lamp #2—-$295.00 plus NJ sales tax and shipping.

I recently purchased five antique metal clarinets in various stages of disrepair. The first one I completely cleaned, polished and made into an attractive lamp which sold very quickly. The plan for clarinet #2 was to restore it into a working antique for those clarinet playing purists who just had to have an original 75+ year old instrument for their collection. Well….it didn’t work out that way. When I removed all of the keys to polish it I discovered that there was an important part of the body of the clarinet that was missing.

What to do….what to do…….ANOTHER LAMP! When I cleaned and got it back together you couldn’t tell there was a piece missing, and it made a GREAT looking lamp. And now……I’m starting on the working antique.

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