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I recently purchased some used woodwind instruments which I have restored and either sold or made available on my web site. In this purchase was an Amati Oboe which looks brand new, but doesn’t play very well. I spent a considerable amount of time working on the mechanism which improved it, but not to the level that I would feel comfortable selling it to anyone. A friend of mine who is a professional oboist made some adjustments which improved it further, but still not to an acceptable level. I took the instrument to a top professional repairman who also improved the level of performance, but still not good enough to sell. The other challenge to this instrument, (and I know this only makes sense to you Oboe Geeks out there), is that it has an automatic octave system, which means that there is no left hand octave key. This system is used more in Europe than in the US. What to do….What to do……..

I still haven’t decided whether I am going to sell it or keep it.

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