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"Retro Bob"

I accept it. Anyone who plays music on a wooden instrument, (Bassoon), and takes photographs with a wooden camera deserves the word “Retro” in front of their name.

While it’s common for professional bassoonists to play on wooden intsruments, you don’t see many wooden cameras anymore. The camera you see in the photo is a

4” X 5” View Camera. The basic design is old, but modern versions are still manufactured in 4” X 5”, 8” X 10” and even 11” X 14” sizes.

My camera is approximately 10 years old and the lenses that I use all utilize modern optics to achieve extremely sharp images. The camera uses 4” X 5” film which I develop and print in my darkroom. I also mount and frame all of my images to insure the highest quality. Fine Art Photography is still popular with collectors and the materials, film, paper and chemistry, are still readily available.

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